GLOBIZ is prepared to bring its broad experience to bear on the challenges you face. When it comes to raising capital, the firm provides counsel in connection with debt financings – both through conventional bank loans and various government loans. Our attorney also assists with all types of equity financings, including venture capital, private placements and initial public offerings. In addition, we help with the arrangements a growing business may wish to make with other parties – including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and franchising. We in the following areas.

  • Formation & Compliances of Non – Banking Finance Company and Registration with Reserve Bank of India and advising on legal framework of the NBFCs
  • Arranging Project Finance, Term Loan, Working Capital Limits including private arrangement of Funds and loan documentation etc.
  • Advising on Secretarial, Legal and Procedural matters falling under the Companies Act / LLP Act and other related Corporate Laws.
  • Private Placement of Company Securities, arrangement of capital
  • Funding through Joint Ventures, Foreign Equity and Debt funds and other mode of Investments etc
  • Technically, preparation and arrangement of project reports, technical viability report, technical support and consultancy and marketing strategy and policies.