With the globalization of commerce, Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) is emerging as a key business opportunity in India. It has been proved that by outsourcing non-core business processes to service providers companies can focus on their core competencies and create value for their stakeholders.

Our objective is to deliver maximum values through cost savings, enhanced productivity with highest standard of quality ethical outsourcing services and continuous process improvement and cutting edge technology

Increasing numbers of businesses and other institutions are turning to outsourcing to achieve mission critical objectives such as: (i) the reduction of costs and internal staffing commitments; (ii) the release of scarce capital to more productive uses; (iii) access to specialized expertise; and, in some cases, (iv) to establish or strengthen strategic business relationships. While the benefits of outsourcing are compelling, there are substantial risks associated with the transfer of business critical functions (such as the operation of a firm’s IT systems) to a third party service provider. It is vital that the structure of the deal and the principal agreements effectively address, manage and allocate the risks associated with the outsourcing, while providing the customer with the requisite level of flexibility. GLOBIZ has the expertise and the experience to assist businesses chart the outsourcing course wisely.

GLOBIZ can assist businesses with all aspects of the outsourcing process, including:

  • Initial and Ongoing Due Diligence
  • Managing the Bidding Process
  • Consideration of Regulatory Issues
  • Dealing with Existing Contractual Arrangements
  • Employment and Labour Issues solved
  • The Impact of Tax Consequences solved
  • Negotiating IT Outsourcing Agreements and Contracts
  • Privacy Issues
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Force Majeure solved
  • Business Continuity Planning solved
  • Integrating Acquisitions solved
  • Termination and Transition