CORPORATE LEGAL has been a primary focus of the law firm since its inception in India. GLOBIZ Partners, Corporate Law Firm practicing as Solicitors & Advocates has extensive experience in corporate counseling and transaction work as well as business reorganizations. We, as corporate attorneys are business lawyers who, through their experience and in-depth knowledge, seek to find creative solutions that allow clients to meet their objectives. Our PARTNERS provide more high-level attention to clients with specific focus over their requirements. With nationwide network, we blend extensive sophisticated-transaction experience with in-depth knowledge of local markets. We can also match our resources in larger and smaller markets to the size and value of the deal, avoiding the need to sacrifice quality and experience to manage costs.

We provide a full range of services to company of all size and individuals in connection with:

  • Organization And Structuring Of Business Entities
  • Organizing Your Business For Maximum Growth Of Your Business
  • Establishing Franchise Relationships
  • Dealership Transfers
  • Dealership And Franchise Litigation
  • Information Technology
  • Financing Transactions
  • Investment Management
  • Bankruptcy, Reorganization And Creditors’ Rights
  • Consumer And Advertising Laws
  • Trade Regulations And Practices
  • Sales And Lease Contracts
  • Financing And Operations
  • White Collar Crime
  • Licensing
  • Initial Public Offerings Subsequent Offerings
  • International Trade
  • Mergers, Acquisitions,Takeover Demergers
  • Government Relations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Foreign Remittance Compliances
  • General Business Counseling for Growth
  • Planning And Preventive Measures

Initial Public Offerings & Subsequent Offerings

GLOBIZ has specific expertise with dedicated team of professionals for IPO planning and the necessary arrangements for various requirements and tie ups for successful listing of company’s securities on Stock Exchanges in India and abroad. Our approach is to create wealth and to provide platform with planning and mediation. Our core team has technical exposure and depth integral knowhow to negotiate various intermediaries to optimize solution.

International Trade

Regardless of the situation, developing an international business and operating in international markets can expose an organization/ company to a myriad of complex rules that govern international trade and foreign investment. Today, virtually all businesses are in some way affected by global enterprise. GLOBIZ understand that skilful navigation through unfamiliar laws and regulations, treaties, customs and tariffs, bureaucracy, language barriers and unknown business practices is critical to an organization’s success in the global marketplace. Whether a business crosses one or many borders, our PARTNERS provide strategic legal advice that helps its clients seize and maximize the available opportunities while also managing and minimizing the risks

Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeover & Demergers

GLOBIZ is a leading advisor to public and private companies on mergers and acquisitions. Our results-oriented attorney seeks innovative solutions that make transactions faster, smoother, and less costly. We employ an integrated cross-disciplinary approach that spans many of the firm’s numerous practice areas, from tax, securities, corporate governance and labor to real estate, intellectual property, environmental, antitrust and other regulatory fields. For leveraged transactions or those involving refinancing of debt, our finance attorneys offer experience in a wide range of vehicles, including unsecured and secured lending, senior and mezzanine lending, derivatives, and securitizations.Our expertise is in strategic and financial acquisitions, divestitures and investments

Government Relations

GLOBIZ provides strategic advice in responding to government policy proposals; maintain contact with key government decision-makers; and represent clients before government committees

Corporate Governance

GLOBIZ provides comprehensive compliance program may entail reviewing and revising existing policies, programs, and procedures, drafting a code of business conduct and related policies, and structuring and documenting compliance oversight, reporting, auditing, and monitoring procedures and training programs. Regular, ongoing aspects of this practice include advising company clients on a full range of corporate governance and related matters, such as board of directors and committee composition, practices and procedures, directors’ duties and responsibilities, and compliance with applicable India laws, Delhi or state laws, and the regulatory requirements under India law and the Stock Exchange. In connection with corporate governance, ethics, and compliance engagements we designed and tailored to meet each client’s business requirements, taking into account the existing organizational and management structure, culture, and needs

Foreign Remittance & RBI Compliances

GLOBIZ has proven records for managing and planning Foreign Remittances and complying with Reserve Bank formalities including its regular compliances. Our endeavor is to take care of all the matters in the light of latest policies and developments. FDI, inward and outward, is always an interesting part for Indian Corporate and government is also having close insight in this regard. We offer wide range of services under this field as per the requirements of the client and economic scenario

General Business Counseling for Growth

GLOBIZ works with clients to determine what form their business should take. The practical knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages that various business forms present enables it to recommend which form of ownership best suits each client’s unique needs. For example, some clients’ interests may be best served by organizing as a corporation. For others, the best choice may be a partnership, limited partnership or a limited liability company

Planning & Preventive Measures

GLOBIZ has vast experience allows it to foresee many of the potential pitfalls and to develop plans to prevent them. We identify risk after understanding the client’s unexplainable mind and provide innovative, best suitable options with solutions-oriented approaches. It is a unique kind of service in which we deserves to claim extra-ordinary expertise