We are a peer community for action and learning of seasoned practitioners from all continents and diverse backgrounds who each are leaders in their fields and in global and regional networks.

Together we develop and catalyze new forms of leadership, which support personal, organizational and societal creativity and sustainability, and integrate the richness of our diversity with the unity of our shared humanity.

Our expertise combines content and process work, including dialogue, conflict resolution, negotiation and other communication and facilitation processes, project management, teamwork and organizational development, which we offer across sectors and with diverse stakeholders. Our content expertise ranges from the integration of presence and psycho-spiritual understanding into leadership practices to corporate responsibility, sustainability and growth with healthy governance.

We develop and offer education curricula and training programs, books and media products that combine the depth of business inspiration with the pragmatism necessary to address the global challenges and opportunities.

We are also a consulting and facilitation collaborative that assists leaders, projects and organizations seeking integral and global perspectives.