GLOBIZ goal is to efficiently, effectively and ethically advise and facilitate the aspirations of our clients in India. We provide legal services for a whole range of property transactions. Our comprehensive services include Title Investigation, Purchase, Sale, Lease & Renting and Development of Real Estate have been used by a large number of development of real estate companies, individuals and developers of commercial and residential projects. Our legal services in this field can be categorized as.

We involved following Real Estate Transactions types

  • For clients involved in real estate transactions in India,
  • Buyers and sellers of commercial and industrial real estate in structuring transactions
  • Banks, investment banks and other lenders in financing transactions secured by real estate, including acquisition, development, construction, long-term and project financing
  • Landlords and tenants in office, retail, commercial and industrial lease transactions throughout the region and nationally
  • Buyers and owners of real estate in negotiating financing commitments and in reviewing and negotiating real estate-backed loan documents
  • Owners and project developers in all phases of the land use approval process
  • Developers and real estate brokers in drafting, negotiating and resolving disputes arising out of real estate brokerage agreements
  • Owners in all phases of construction projects, including negotiation of construction-related agreements and litigation
  • Condominium Associations in connection with commercial and residential condominium, cooperative conversions and multi-use condominium developments
  • Sellers and buyers kind exchanges
  • Real Estate Financing in India